Advanced TFC Microglazing products

Microglazing products are optically clear coatings with a dry film thickness of 0.5 to 45 μm.

By far the superior non-stick hard coating on the market with excellent chemical resistance. Whether the surfaces in question are those of a paper machine, heat exchanger of a power plant, solar panel, cruise ship’s kitchen, casting mold, a kerosene tank in an airport, a hard coating for plastic window, a barrier coating for food packaging or a bus stop shelter, the TFC OMNIPHOBIC™ microglazing protects, isolates, rejects dirt, and keeps the surfaces clean. Suitable for all common materials and difficult conditions, extremely long lasting TFC OMNIPHOBIC™ challenges traditional perceptions of the properties that surface treatment alone can achieve in products and materials.

A more affordable and thinner non-stick microglazing for non-industrial applications, TFC MICRON™ protects a lamppost or lift from stickers, scribbles and smudges, or a mirror-polished brass bar counter from fingerprints and stains. It offers effortless dirt repellent protection against micro scratches on plastic surfaces, on transparent plastics as well. TFC MICRON™ is also well suited for all surfaces of watercrafts to protect against UV and air pollution, as well as on the bottom of the vessel to improve economy and speed.

TFC NOXIDE™ microglazing has been resilience tested in the salt waters of Norwegian fjords and has been proved to offer an excellent corrosion protection for aluminum boats. In the marine climate of Helsinki, it prevents the oxidation of the brass façade of a building. Extremely long lasting TFC NOXIDE™ is also efficient in preventing patination on copper panels, preventing silver jewelry from tarnishing, preventing galvanic corrosion in metal/carbon fiber composites, preventing creep corrosion and ECM in metal joints, from copper pipes to electronics. The applications and possibilities of TFC NOXIDE™ are evidently very wide.
Once dry, the glaze can be glued, painted, printed, or taped over, yet the ultrasmooth surface remains very easy to clean .

The products of the PU-Hybrid product family are available in optically clear as well as tinted. The thickness of the dry film is 20-500 μm depending on customer needs.

The UNIVERSAL NON-STICK™ 2 component non-stick coating is formulated with Advanced TFC technology for challenging chemical conditions. It has excellent acidic/alkaline resistance combined with an omniphobic functional surface.
The UNIVERSAL NON-STICK™ coating is durable and effectively repels water, oil, and all types of dirt. The coating adheres well to most materials and acts as an excellent corrosion protection (category of corrosion C5M+). The product can be used in submerged applications, in which corrosion protection and a highly dirt-repellent surface with low flow resistance are required. Universal Non-stick is also suitable for conditions where the surface is exposed to strong acidic or alkaline chemicals, such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, and sodium hydroxide.
Stickers, permanent markers, resins, and spray paints do not adhere to the coating, making it easy to protect the surface from unwanted materials or vandalism.
UNIVERSAL NON-STICK™ is a 2-component clear coating, but as a special order the product is also available as tinted and in different gloss levels according to customer needs.
UNIVERSAL NON-STICK™ is also available in an easy-to-use aerosol can, please ask us for more information!

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